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Stoking the Fires of the Medical Marijuana Debate

A medical marijuana dispensary located on one of Southern California’s most famous beaches was shut down by authorities earlier today.

The Medical Kush Beach Club of Venice Beach was raided by officials from the Los Angeles County District Attorney‘s office, the LAPD, the county Sheriff’s Department and the State Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  Two other locations that housed a doctor’s office and a smoke shop were linked to Medical Kush Doctor and were also raided.

A spokeswoman for the Medical Board of California said that the contents of the warrant were sealed, but did provide the addresses of the sites that were raided.  Attorneys for Medical Kush Doctor were notified and came down to the scene.  One of the attorneys, Graham Berry, said the warrant authorized a search of the offices, vehicles and “anything else that your imagination could run to.”  Berry believed that “the target was the doctors and the practice of writing recommendations and the [dispensary] was a collateral casualty.”

This is just the latest example of authorities attempting to slow down the proliferation of medical marijuana use. in California.  Under state law, the use of medical marijuana is legal with a doctor’s prescription.  However, detractors of Prop 215 and SB420 – the laws that allow for medical marijuana use – believe that medical marijuana is being abused by people who have questionable “diseases” and conditions.

The interesting thing about this morning’s raids is that they were conducted by authorities from the State of California and not the federal authorities, such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  Marijuana is still considered an illegal drug under federal law, and several high profile raids have occurred under the DEA’s dominion.  This leads credence to Attorney Berry’s assertion that the authorities were going after the doctors themselves and not the dispensary, per se.

All factual information provided by the Los Angeles Times

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