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Terrell Owens: Child Support Troubles Again

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In California, there are many ways of enforcing child support orders.  Wages can be garnished and driver’s licenses or passports can be suspended or denied.  In fact, parents who do not pay child support they owe could even end up in jail.
A well-known professional athlete is currently facing such repercussions after allegedly owing more than $20,000 in child support.  Six-time Pro Bowl receiver Terrell Owens is believed to be facing a slew of money problems, including owing back child support.
According to reports, Melanie Paige Smith, the mother of one of Owens’ four children claims that child support for her daughter were not paid between December 2011 and February 2012.  She recently filed a petition in court asking that the football player be fined or jailed if he doesn’t start helping to support his daughter.  
In the midst of the NFL lockout last summer, Owens reportedly tried to have the $5,000 monthly child support payments be lowered to $2,500, but the request was rejected.
Owens has never been married, but has four kids with four different women, and each of them has taken him to court at one point.  A January article from GQ revealed that Owens owes close to $45,000 each month in child support for the children he has fathered.  He is also believed to have two Dallas homes in foreclosure.
Since Owens’ contract with the Cincinnati Bengals was not renewed for the 2011 season and no other NFL teams have picked him up, Owens is playing in the Indoor Football League.  Owens can reportedly make up to $500,000 per year in this league, which would not be enough to cover child support alone.
In California, child support obligation are determined on the current obligor’s ability to pay.  Although child support orders are viewed as permanent, when there is a change in circumstances, either the paying or non-paying parent can request a child support modification.
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