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Overbearing Parents: Irvine Couple Accused of Planting Drugs on Volunteer at Son's School

Two California parents have been arrested in a strange alleged conspiracy to plant drugs in the car of the PTA president of their child’s school.
Kent Wycliffe Easter and Jill Bjorkholm Easter, both 38-year-old attorneys, were arrestedTuesday on felony charges of false imprisonment, conspiracy to falsely report a crime and conspiracy to procure the false arrest of the elementary-school parent volunteer. The couple hatched a plan to frame Kelli Peters — a well-known Plaza Vista School volunteer who would go on to become the school’s PTA president — for what the Easters alleged was her mistreatment of their young son at school. The Easters are accused of putting Vicodin, Percocet, marijuana, and a used marijuana pipe behind the front seat of her car to frame her.
On February 16, 2011, the police received a tip from a concerned parent, saying he had seen a woman driving erratically and parking at Plaza Vista School. Drawing suspicion, the citizen also knew her license plate, name, and witnessed her hiding drugs behind the seat. Police pulled Peters from the school and found the drugs. When she denied knowledge of the drugs, police traced the call to a Newport beach hotel and finding a surveillance tape of the business center where the call originated. The tape showed Kent Easter.
It was not the first time the Easters had been in a dispute with Peters. In 2010, Kent Easter filed a civil suit on his son’s behalf against a volunteer organization associated with Plaza Vista Elementary School in Irvine. The complaint states that Jill Easter arrived at the then-first grade child’s school to pick him up after a tennis lesson and found that he had been locked outside for nearly 20 minutes. Ironically, it sought damages for claimed false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress but was later dismissed. Jill Easter also filed a restraining order against Peters, alleging that Peters was “harassing and stalking” her and her son, and had “threatened to kill me.”
The Easters, who are currently free on $20,000 bail each, are scheduled to be arraigned next month in Orange County Superior Court. The couple will likely loose custody, go to jail, and be stripped of their licenses.

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