Five People in Custody in Connection with Nordstrom Rack Robbery

Three men and two women were in custody today in connection with a hostage takeover at Nordstrom Rack in Westchester last week.
According to the Los Angeles Police Department Office website, on Thursday, January 10th around 11:00 pm., three armed suspects confronted the employees as they were leaving the closed business.  The suspects forced the employees back into the store and held them hostage while the suspects robbed the business.

During the incident, one of the employees called a relative to inform him that the business was being robbed. That relative then notified the Los Angeles Police Department inciting the immediate response of Pacific Division patrol units.

Based on initial witness statements and the observations of the first officers at scene, it was believed that armed suspects were inside the business and holding the employees hostage.  When members of LAPD’s Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT) team entered the location, they searched for suspects and rescued the employees.  None of the suspects were found at the location and it was later learned that they left the location in a white Sport Utility Vehicle as patrol units were arriving.

During the course of the robbery, one of the suspects stabbed a female store employee whom he found hiding in a break room.  That employee sustained a non-life threatening stab wound to her neck.  A second employee was sexually assaulted by one of the suspects.  Both victims were treated at a local hospital and released late Friday morning.

Robbery-Homicide Division assumed responsibility for the investigation and more than twenty detectives were assigned to the investigation.  They worked relentlessly for the next forty-eight hours scouring the crime scene, reviewing evidence and identifying the suspects.  By Saturday evening, detectives had identified and arrested the three suspects who committed robbery inside the Nordstrom’s Rack.  Two additional persons were arrested for their actions after the robbery.

Four of the suspects are currently in custody in LA. Sherman is being held in Phoenix without bail. All five suspects are residents of Los Angeles, according to police.

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