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Pregnant Woman Fired For Premarital Sex

A San Diego woman is suing San Diego Christian College, alleging the school fired her once it was revealed she was pregnant out of wedlock. Teri James, 29, alleges she was let go from her job as a financial specialist at San Diego Christian college because her pregnancy revealed she had premarital sex.

Upon employment James signed a two-page long “community covenant”, a solemn agreement between the students and employees at San Diego Christian College, which outlined, among other restrictions, a covenant that she would abstain from sexual behavior and if she engaged in such behavior, she may face disciplinary action.
James claims that she was humiliated. She claims she was called into her supervisor’s office, interrogated about rumors surrounding her pregnancy, and subsequently fired when she confirmed that she was pregnant. Shortly after being fired, James’ position at San Diego Christian College was offered to her then fiancé, they are now married, even though it was known that he, too, engaged in premarital sex.
James is suing for wrongful termination in addition to gender discrimination and is seeking damages from the school in an unspecified amount. 
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