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Man Arrested for Murder in Pitbull Attack

Los Angeles County authorities announced the arrest of Alex Jackson, 28, at his Littlerock home on suspicion of murder in connection with a deadly pit bull attack in Littlerock. The pit bull attack killed an Antelope Valley jogger Pamela Devitt, 63, who was walking on May 9 when she was attacked by a pack of four pit bulls.
Authorities believe there was evidence that he was aware the dogs were vicious and they have attacked before and he knew of the danger they posed.
A deputy found one of the dogs still attacking the victim when he arrived on scene. The deputy was able to chase the dog away and called paramedics. Devitt died en route to the hospital as a result of blood loss. Coroner’s officials said they found 150 to 200 puncture wounds and sharp force trauma across her body.
Later that same day, homicide investigators seized eight dogs, six pit bulls and two mixed breeds, from Jackson’s home. Four of the dogs were believed to be involved in the attack. What appeared to be blood was found on their coats and muzzles./While investigating the pit bulls at the house, deputies also found a marijuana growing operation.
Jackson faces up to life in prison if convicted, a Los Angeles County district attorney’s spokesman said. Jackson had been booked for murder at the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station, and his bail was set at $1,050,000, according to the release.
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