San Bernardino Marijuana Operation Bust, 188 plants and 2 arrests

The San Bernardino County Sheriff Department has made numerous drug busts this year, the largest thus far being a raid in which Sheriff’s netted 2,000 marijuana plants and stolen guns in Helendale. The Sheriffs Department has continued this trend with a recent bust of a marijuana-grow operation in Apple Valley.

Two loose dogs and a report of shots fired brought about the discovery of a marijuana growing operation in the backyard of an Apple Valley property. Deputies from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department’s Apple Valley station received reports of shots fired Sunday morning in the area of Pahute and Mesquite roads.

When officers arrived on scene, they learned that a large dog had escaped from a property on Minnetonka Road by digging under the fence. That dog attacked a smaller dog at a property on Pahute Road, where the homeowner shot that dog to stop the attack. While deputies were on scene conducting their investigation, a second large dog escaped from the same Minnetonka Road property and was taken by animal control.

Deputies discovered that the two large dogs were guarding a marijuana growing operation in the back yard of that Minnetonka Road property. Investigators with the sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team were called to the scene to help deputies search the residence. Authorities found a large marijuana grow that was not in compliance with California’s medical marijuana laws.

Officials seized 188 large marijuana plants and 4 pounds of processed marijuana. Investigators arrested two individuals in connection with the drug bust – Carlos Moreno and Felipe Delrio. The investigation has been submitted to the district attorney for review.

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