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A Former Employee Sues Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Over Gender Discrimination

Chick-Fil-A, a popular restaurant chicken chain, has recently faced a slew of controversy centered around anti-gay comments made by the restaurant’s president Dan Cathy. Reaction to this controversy include boycotts by the Muppets and Ed Helms, as well as protests at recently opened locations in Laguna Hills, California.

According to a lawsuit obtained by GLAAD, Brenda Honeycutt, a former Chick-Fil-A employee is suing the restaurant for wrongful termination based on gender discrimination, alleging that Honeycutt was fired so she could be a “stay at home mom”.

According the the complaint, despite Honeycutt “satisfactory or above satisfactory” performance as a General Manager, her supervisor Jeff Howard made comments to her suggesting as a mother that she should be a stay at home with her children. The complaint further alleges that in April of 2011, Howard hired a male general manager, held meetings with other male general managers excluding Honeycutt, and subsequently fired Honeycutt in June of 2011 without reason.

The lawsuit does not stop with an accusation that Honeycutt was wrongfully terminated, but accusses the chain of widespread discrimination against female employees, and of replacing them with male employees after they were fired.

Honeycutt is asking the court to order the chicken chain to give her full front pay, full back pay, benefits, and compensation for “the humiliation, emotional distress, and other damages,” caused by her termination.

What is sex discrimination?

When you are treated differently because of your sex and when the different treatment negatively affects the “terms or conditions of employment,” it is illegal. “Terms or conditions of employment” include position, pay, title, being hired or fired from a job, and advancement and training opportunities.

What are your remedies? 

The “relief” or remedies available for employment discrimination, whether caused by intentional acts or by practices that have a discriminatory effect, may include: back pay, hiring, promotion, reinstatement, front pay, reasonable accommodation, or other actions that will make an individual “whole” (in the condition s/he would have been but for the discrimination). 

The attorneys at the Orange County and Riverside Law Offices of Don Ho, LLP are dedicated to pursuing legal recourse on behalf of employees who have experienced employment discrimination at work. 

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