Miranda Response Card

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Miranda Response Card

Don Ho Law recommends that all citizens protect their Constitutional Rights by carrying a card with the following language at all times:

“I will only identify myself if requested by law enforcement. My attorney has instructed me to not discuss my case with anyone. My attorney has instructed me not to answer any questions or reply to any accusations.

On advice of counsel and under my Constitutional Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights, I shall not speak to anyone unless and until my attorney is present with me. I shall not give any consent, nor make any waiver of my legal or Constitutional rights. Any requests for information or for consent to conduct searches or seizures or investigations affecting my person or property shall be addressed to my attorney:

Don Ho
1851 E. First Street, Suite 900
Santa Ana, CA 92705
P: 714-748-7715
F: 714-748-7716
E: don@donholaw.com

I request that all communications with law enforcement authorities be made only through my attorney. I request that my attorney be notified immediately and allowed to be present if any identification, test, examination, or investigation, of any sort, is conducted against me. I do not consent to participating in any such identification, test, examination, or investigation unless and until my attorney is present with me.”

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